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Friday April 25, 2014
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    Might & Magic X Legacy
    Might & Magic® X Legacy
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    Might & Magic X Legacy
    Might & Magic® X Legacy
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    Might & Magic X Legacy
    The Might & Magic® X Legacy

Limbic Entertainment GmbH

We develop high quality on- and offline games for the international markets. Our core skills are to be found especially in the game design, programming, hosting and maintaining (online) games.


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Joining Limbic

Limbic is seeking for support in several departments, inter alia:


Game Design

You call games your passion? You are creative, innovative and you are able to sell your ideas? You have a fable for numbers and balancing? Sounds like you are at the right place!


3D-Engines and middleware sound familiar to you? You have experience with hosting solutions and the simulation of worlds? And you are interested in new technologies? Sounds as if you are at the right place!

Project Management

If you are looking for different types of projects within the gaming industry and if you know that project management is not only about assigning tasks, you might want to join us

Game awards

Only some of our game awards we have been working hard to receive with the whole Limibc-team during the last years. We have always been very excited about every single nomination and every award we received! And right now, we are working towards new awards and prices!




About Us

We develop, finance and market high quality entertainment software for use on- and offline for the national and international markets.Limbic's core skills are to be found especially in conceptual design and the programming of complex browser and online games as well as gaming applications for social networks.

Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 21
D 63225 Langen

Tel: +49 (0) 6103 - 50 19 78 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6103 - 96 03 58

Over 10 years of Limbic Entertainment


twitterOver 10 years of technical background and experiences in the off- and online gaming industry, including Cloud and MemBased hosting solutions, backend tools, statistics, localizations, payment integrations and different API connections, like Facebook or Kontagent.

twitterOver 10 years of game design background within the off- and online gaming industry, including specialized knowledge in different sectors, i.e. free to play economy, social platform environments or specialized international market requirements.

twitterOver 10 years experience in managing projects within the off- and online gaming industry, from small to large productions, from national to international productions, including not only our internal team, but working with different partners for art, localization, quality assurance, statistics, payment or specialized technical buy-in knowhow all around the world.

S5 Box